Friday, 12 August 2016

Organizing your life... (kind of)

Hello fellows..

I know it's been quite a while since I last posted anything here buut.. I am gonna make it up to you with this extra helpful post.

Oh, summer. A three-month vacation for most of us but housework never seems to end, does it?
So, today we are going to talk about ways to store your things and how to leave behind those dark days of hoarding. Firstly, I will present you how I store mine and why have I opted for this method.

Just to be clear, this post is about storing your beauty products my ladies so in case you are looking for life saving tricks concerning your clothes or your work files, this post won't be that helpful. Shall we begin?

Those are my makeup boxes. Aka "The gates of paradise". 

 Being a perfectionist is a mixed blessing. When it comes to storing, this attribute will help you get the best results. I keep my beauty products in three different wooden boxes each of which is used for different things. The big one is used for my face products (such as foundations, bronzers, blushers etc.). The last two are used for my eyes products ( like eye palettes, mascaras, brow kits etc.) and for my lipsticks, respectively.

This is where I store anything that has to do with my face.
There are bronzers and highlighters, foundations and powders.

Eyes... I am in love with eyeshadows palettes as you can see.
But here there are also things about eyebrows and eyeliners.

And last but not least...

Lipsticks! Yay. Don't ask me how many there are. Probably over 60.
As I told you before I am not a fan of those plastic cases for lipsticks - even
though they seem to be helpful - but this suits me fine.

  As you can see from the pictures, they might be a bit messy inside but once in two weeks I clean the inside of the box and I put everything in their right place. I have never been a fan of the makeup bag because you have to place everything you own in it, so in the end it's a total nightmare when you try to find that single eyeshadow. So, for me the best option you've got is either a couple of boxes to store you things in or, as a last resort, there are plenty of plastic cases or boxes as you may know, that plenty of YouTubers have on their boudoir desks.

 Belive you me, the way I have my beauty stuff has saved me so much time because whenever I am in a hurry to get to university or to go out and all I need is a specific lipstick ,for example, I just pick the right box (on the right). No more time trying to find a single piece in a huge bag where everything is messed up and your lipsticks are wide open.

This is it. This is your time to sit down and tide up your things. It will only take a 
couple of hours tops but you will thank me later. Plus, it's a pretty good oportunity to get rid of that mascara you've been keeping since secondary school or that lipstick you bought for Halloween 4 years ago. You have to keep your things "healthy and knit". You can:

  •  google hacks of how you can store your things 
  •  try DIY ideas 
  • or contact someone who's not afraid to deal with bunch of things like MakeSpace who put up with hoardings.  Be sure to check out their locations for storage to see if they're near you. It totally worths your notice. Mark my words.
You can pick you favourite way to organize your things according to your needs but I think you have to do it sooner or later. The more you buy, the bigger the problem gets. Oops!

It's never the right time to do it but excuses won't save you time when you're getting ready for that date. Plan your day ahead and spend some time organizing, categorizing your things. I know it sounds boring and tiresome but the joy you get after it, it totally worths it.

That's it guys! This post is over... I hope I helped and motivated you enough to get started.
Please leave any comments below sharing your ideas and your own ways of storing and I'll be glad to discuss them.

So long beautiful creatures.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

WithChic by your side you're always in style.

Hello everybody!
 I know it's been ages since I last wrote to my blog but I don't know what happened.
Anyway,today I'm here to talk about a new site that I have been contacted with and it's called WithChic (found more about it HERE).
It's a new site from China that has incredibly chic clothes for every situtation. Need a new dress for you first date or an cute outfit for your first day at school? We have it girl!

So, I dare you click to the link above and spread the good news all over the Internet.
But if you're the kind of girl who wants sth right now let me do that for you. I will show you below some pretty cool stuff that I'm interested in, so make up your mind and go for shopping with Chic (see what I did there?!)

Here we go ladies and noo gentlemen....

First we've got this be-a-utiful gown in olive green colour which perfect for a night out or even an event you have to attend to. With the right pair of high heels and a statement necklace what else can you ask for?

Moving on something more wearable in every day and boring life.. Ta-dah...Imagine a Jenner girl wearing that...Huh? I've the perfect shoes for that lovely thing. White high heels sandals...Are you covered? A black clutch or even a backpack can do perfectly.

And now the best thing EVER! I'll give you 2 secs to tell me the first word that pops in your mind...Deal? So, 3.2.1 ....Go! 

Yeah yeah I know. Rihanna's gown from the Grammy Awards 2015. Kind of. Or is it similar with a dress only Aurora would wear? Don't know, you have to figure it our yourself.

This is just a smaall tiny sample from what the site has. Don't get me started with the crop tops, trousers and OF COURSE the accessories. Don't mess with me girl.!. 
So go ahead, spend your time looking at colourful colours because even if we're sad to say goodbye to summer, fall is already  around the corner and we need to surprise it with some new and delicate clothes. 

Ps. This pale pinky crop top totally made me crazy. I mean, I can already think of a couple trousers and tights I can match with that. Don't you? Oh come on, I know you do! 

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Any kind comments would be appreciated. Much love xoxo

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Makeup Collection by One Direction!

Hello everybody!
 I know it's been a long time since I last wrote in my blog but I was kinda busy with my exams and summer! 
 Today's post is dedicated to my favourite band but I'm sure many of you, my dear readers, know a great pop band named "One Direction". In case you don't know them, they're a British/Irish pop band who finished 3rd in the UK X-Factor back in 2010. Since then, they made a massive breakout with their single "What Makes You Beautiful". 
 After 3 albums ( and the 4th one is coming soon) , 2 DVDs , many books and many many more stuff they have finally launched their Makeup Collection. Their cosmetic collection has been named after their 3 CD albums, i.e. "Up All Night" , "Take Me Home" and "Midnight Memories". 

Up All Night
Blue and pink...My favourite colours when I was younger but after looking at this be-a-utiful set I think you'll love it. An eyeshadow palette with blue - beige colours, I vivid pink lip-gloss and a girly pop pink coloured  lip stick is followed by a blue-ish nail polish and a eyeliner.. So lovers of the blue(and the pink), let's gather together and fight for what we love and want...  

Midnight Memories

I want you to Rock me, rock me, rock me YEAH! (Ok, I know this song is from the "Take Me Home" album but I think it fits perfectly here). Dark colours of black and red are here for you and only you. Again, there's an eyeshadow palette with kinda shimmery neutral shades but black is also here. Dark red lipstick and lip gloss is just the right thing to make your lips irresistible. Black nail polish and eyeliner to make your night - out look just bomb! Just for the hard rock girls. Yay!

Take Me Home
For us, the directioners, they 1D boys are like gold,they're so precious and irreplaceable to us,right? I know that feeling. So, they guys thought what looked better than a (rose) gold makeup set?! And the answer is above. A silver nail polish, a beige - natural eyeshadow palette for your pleasure and only. A light yellow- gold lip gloss and a light pink lip stick is nicely joined by a dark brown eye pencil.

So,unfortunately I don't have some samples for you to swatch. Colourful makeup collections with dark and light shades that matches perfectly with almost every girl's taste is here for you. Pretty and cheeky with a bit of mischievousness. That's how are boys are,right? 
Pretty amazing,huh? Great shades of everything! It's like "50 shades of One Direction" Um,well this Collection was launched in early August in the USA - if I'm no mistaken - BUT you still have the chance to win one of this great set of makeup stuff! I was regigtered in a site that collaborates with new bloggers and brands and promotes their products through reviews and YouTube videos of young and ambitious bloggers world wide. This site is called BrandBacker and I want to thank them for giving me the chance to organise this amaZayn competition. 
Since, I'm a directioner I want to give this prize to a true fan not just someonce random, that's pretty fair, don't you think? Well, in order to take part in this competition you just have to follow the instruction below... I really hope you win! Go here for more information!

[1] Powered by BrandBacker